Wednesday, June 23, 2010

South African Business and Arts Grants announced

Recipients of the first cycle of Business and Arts South Africa Supporting Grants for the 2010/2011 financial year have been announced.

A total of 15 business plans and projects were given project-specific grants – a significant boost for South Africa’s cultural landscape. The grants cover a broad scope of arts projects – from visual arts to dance; theatre; music; and more.

The 2010/2011 Business and Arts South Africa Supporting Grants are awarded five times in the financial year after deliberation by the organisation’s board. In a carefully designed and monitored process, both the arts applicant and the sponsor complete application forms.

Available on, these forms are designed to encourage the two partners to work together and identify areas of potential benefit. Business and Arts South Africa allocates funds to the project once it has assessed how the partnership benefits both the sponsor and the recipient. This is in keeping with the organisation’s belief in taking arts projects from “seed to strength to sustainability.”

The full list of recipients and sponsors (see below) is an impressive one and covers a range of different-sized arts projects being mounted across the country.

Applications for the second cycle of Business and Arts South Africa Supporting Grant s are now open. The closing date for this next cycle is 7 July, with recipients being notified on 4 August.

Details of the next cycles are available on the Business and Arts South Africa website,

Supporting Grants: 2010

Organisation: Big Time Dance Troupe
Project: Queen E and her Entourage
Sponsor: Ellies (Pty) Ltd

Organisation: Rotary Club of Kloof
Project: Art and Music in the Hills
Sponsor: TBWA Hunt Lascaris – Durban

Organisation: New Music SA
Project: eMusic Indaba
Sponsor: SAMRO

Organisation: Cosmos Productions
Project: Theatre for Change Tour
Sponsor: Protea Hotels

Organisation: Africa Ignite
Project: Showcasing Kwa-Zulu Natal proud art, craft and heritage at the King Shaka International Airport
Sponsor: Airport Company South Africa Limited

Organisation: Aid to Artisans South Africa Trust (ATASA)
Project: South Africa Handcraft Exhibition featuring the women artists of the Ndebele
Sponsor: Nando’s Chickenland (Pty) Ltd

Organisation: Tshwane Leadership Foundation
Project: Feast of the Clowns
Sponsor: City Property Administration (Pty) Ltd.

Organisation: Ifa Lethu Foundation
Project: Home and Away – A return to the south
Sponsor: G&D Apparel

Organisation: Field Band Foundation
Project: Field Band Foundation
Sponsor: Ogilvy (Pty) Ltd Durban

Organisation: Johannesburg Art Gallery
Project : My Private Universe
Sponsor: Stokvel Cellular (Pty) Ltd.

Organisation: Baxter Theatre Centre
Project: Remix Dance Company: Loveaffair
Sponsor: Red Lake Trading 10 (Pty) Ltd

Organisation: Kearsney College
Project: Kearsney Choir Tour to World Olympics Game (July 2010) – Return upbeat Festival (August 2010)
Sponsor: The Jonsson Group (Pty) Ltd.

Organisation: University of Witwatersrand
Project: Drama for Life Progr amme
Sponsor: German Technical Co-operation (GTZ)

Organisation: Individual (Dr Fred Scott)
Project: Eleven Soccer and Art South Africa 2010 Project
Sponsor: Commerzbank South Africa

Organisation: Buntuzim Media Production
Project: Maboneng – Alex Multi Arts Experience
Sponsor: Santam Ltd

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